We are the Hill family! Shane (dad), Matthew (son), and Cameron (son) were all born in Tasmania, Australia.  Yvonne (mum) is from Deer Park, Washington. We started our family in Australia, but quickly decided we wanted to find a new home, ideally a small town nestled in the mountains with a cozy, intimate community feel. After much searching, we discovered the perfect fit...Libby, Montana! We moved to Libby in 1998 and purchased the Sandman Motel (a major fixer upper at the time) shortly thereafter. Because of our roots, we couldn't help but include the 'roos on our logo, sign, and even our fence. Needless to say, we are hard to miss so whether you are staying with us or just passing though town, please stop in to the Sandman Hotel for a genuine Australian "G'day", which are hard to come by in Montana... we love meeting new people and look forward to hosting you and your mates in the near future.


- Shane and Yvonne